Moving to Blogger

I am moving to Blogger: Anna Louise Little Corner. There are two reasons I decided to leave WordPress.

First, I do not care for the disgusting ads that now hang off the header and after posts. They are the ugliest ads ever and takes away from the viewing and reading of the blog. Yes, one can pay to remove the ads for $36.00 a year in which includes other benefits. However, I do not want to pay to remove ads. I used to and refuse to now.  Goes against my grain. Sure, I might pay to have benefits for the blog but not again for removing ads. It has become ad crazy across websites on the internet and I am plain sick of it. I do not care to be barraged with the ugly greed if I do not pay up. My blog has become Click Bait. Blah!

Second, I want to start writing again and share my older writings. I had started this blog as a writing blog, and then changed it to an art and photography blog. I just have lost my zeal for WordPress and do not care to continue with this blog. I will leave it up for a good while, though.

On my new blog, I will write as well as showcase my art and photography. Evolve in whatever direction I am headed in my Little Corner of the world and universe. I feel good knowing I can post away without the ransom of ads. Of course, I could put ads on this blog; but, I will not. I truly want my weblog to be clean and free of ads.


P.S. I am moving all the posts to Anna Louise Little Corner post by post. It will take some time. So, posts will disappear from the recent and to the past throughout 2019.

Yesteryear Three -Manhattan, KS June 11, 2008 Tornado

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To view the 45 photographs that portray the aftermath destruction of the tornado that struck Manhattan, Kansas June 11, 2008 at 11:00 PM.