The Falling Sky

It seemed like the falling sky last night with the deluge, battering rain and hail. This morning, a section of the front room ceiling gave way in a thunderous crash. The sky is falling!

Dandelion Battered copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

The heavy rain in some places and towns caused floods last night submerging vehicles and surrounding buildings. Where I live is atop a hill, so safe from flooding. The basement held up and did not fill up, thank goodness. I watched the hail march in clanging and cracking thinking the roof will need to be eventually replaced.

Ceiling Fail by Anna Louise

My two-story house is 120+ years old and sturdily built with heavy, hard timber from long ago. It has held up to many of storms. I have been remodeling the front room, in which is a very long room across the front of the house, for the past year. I tore down the ceiling tile and supports, in which was a lot of junk and lumber and dirt. This took a good long while. Then after some mistakes working with the ceiling, I had to scrape off the 120+ wallpaper. Wallpaper of all things on the ceiling! That means soaking it with warm vinegar water (not pleasant to be rained on with—ugh), and then lots and lots of arm and hand hurting scraping. The plaster was repaired, stippled, and painted. I did this all by myself. I got half of the room done—ceiling, molding, walls painted, and hardwood floors sanded and refinished.

I moved the furniture to the finished end… T.V., chairs, and such, and started on the unfinished end scraping wallpaper. Well, this morning a section of plaster fell in a thunderous roar scaring the poor cats to scampering. I was upstairs when it happened. Luckily no one or animal was hurt. A cloud of dust and debris on the floor met me. That section was weak and by the front door. Years ago, a small tornado skipped through with rain going horizontal in which blew in above the door like a waterfall. So, that section ended up giving way with all the scraping going on. Sheetrock will be cut to fit into that section, and then taped/mortared in.

Yellow Iris copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

After the mess was cleaned up, I looked outside to my iris garden and saw that one lone yellow iris had bloomed. The first iris bloom! Soon all the rest will bloom. The iris bed did fine through the storm but the dandelions did not do so well. They were battered and bent over with no poofy tops. They will spring back with their poofs and yellow flowers.

Where there is chaos and destruction, beauty can be found. I feel that my old house was just clearing some old energy. I have a thing for old houses. So, I’m not bothered at all. The falling sky brought rain, hail, and an old ceiling gave way. Now that all is clear, there is a bright, beautiful day ahead.


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