Tigger Antics

Tigger antics is a reminder.
Tigger Antics

 The upper left photo is Tigger in a newly discarded shoe box and the lower right is Tigger in the new washing machine as it was being unpacked and prepared to move into the washroom (the washing machine and not cat, that is). Tigger always gets into stuff and loves to knocks things over for attention. He demands attention. Indeed. Love my rascal kitty-cat. Antics is good.

I have not posted in long while. Lost my gumption to write and voice. I have channeled my “voice” into my photo and digital art creations. I haven’t been well either. Not sure about what to write; however, I still feel the strong niggle to do so. To express. Maybe expressing with words as well as my photo art will help me heal. Perhaps Tigger antics is a reminder. If I act like Tigger in his Tigger Antics. Get playful. Just be. Express. Life. Love. Live. Laugh. Antics.


Express Yourself

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