What is the meaning of Time for you? Do you have enough time?

Windows Of Time copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

Does time go by too fast for you? How do you tell time? Sun? Seasons? Clock?

I still measure time by the clock. I think I lost my way in time by measurement as it speeds by aging my body and life. I forgot the rhythms of seasons and sun and moon. I stare out the window and wonder how much time I have left in this mortal body. Connected with Source, time would cease and would not be of importance or measurement of being alive. Yet. However. As you get older, time becomes your most valuable resource as it slips on by…

Just some thoughts about time rambling around. The image above was just digital art play with some of my images. That piano was abandoned in time in an old crumbling house being taken over by nature out in the countryside.


3 thoughts on “Time

  1. Many times I have meditated about Time.
    Is Time a pathway setting us up in Space ? Time & Space are interwoven. I am here now , even if I wish or intend to be in a different space, I can only journey in time to get there. And equally, if I like to be in tomorrow, I need to overcome space.
    Time seems linear, but is it? Is Time more of a cyclic movement, space-orientated?
    Sometimes Time goes fast, sometimes slow. It depends on my perspective, another dimension added to Time/ Space, Consciousness. Does consciousness determine how I experience Time and Space ? I think it does. Being consciously in the moment creates serenity, no fear about tomorrow, the past has no regrets.
    Time is a human construct. May be there is no such thing as Time. May be all there is , is Being. Being in the moment. Being conscious dissolves the apparent barrier of Time/Space.

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  2. Well, since we are in human form (lower density) with reasoning and certain awareness, we measure and have time. Before clocks, there were the seasons as well as the movement of the sun, moon, and stars. We also have our bio rhythms. Time has a feeling, I feel. I feel time; yet indescribable with words. I have tried to portray this in my photography and I may try again. Time is different for me now that I am in the last third of my life. Of course. Yes, there is that space as you said, Jutta. And that is interesting as there isn’t space on the other side, so to speak. Only space in this dimension with measurement and time. Can time be affected? I have believed so due to some rather strange experiences I have had and unbelievable to the normal crowd. Maybe I will express more about time… just ramble on to see what comes forth and where it takes me.


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