Moth and A Girl Of The Limberlost

A few weeks ago, I noticed a moth on a post. Upon closer inspection,

Leaf Moth 1 copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

the flying insect appeared to be some type of a leaf moth. The moth did not move and so I touched it.

As I petted the moth, softly stroking my index finger down its middle, the beautiful creature opened its wings. Since the moth did not fly away, I snapped some photos (I had my little carry camera with me).

Leaf Moth 2 copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

A long time ago, I had read an intriguing novel, A Girl Of The Limberlost, about moths. A wayward, poor girl, hated by her mother, Elnora, gathered moths for money in a swamp called Limberlost.

“Elnora, prowling around the swamp and lured into the interior by the flight of moths and butterflies; Elnora, without father, money, or friends save himself, to defend her—Elnora was a different proposition. For this to happen just when the Limberlost was bringing the very desire of her heart to the girl, it was too bad.” –A Girl Of The Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter


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