Art Life

Art Life is Art of and as Life. Art is life. Life is art. Art always has been a part of my life…

Art Is Life copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

in varied and different expressions.

Our stories are our quests in the questioning, investigating, and search of who, what, when, where, and why we are. Art is storytelling. Storytelling is art. Art is creating and creations. In the creations of our stories that we storytell, we not only communicate with our voices, bodies, and energy, we may express through creations such as writing, painting, photography, music, cooking, designing, astrology, car mechanics to name just a few examples as there are myriad and numerous avenues and expressions to source creativity. I really do not know which came first as to my artist styles of sketching, painting, and photography or storytelling when I was a babe and wee child. They both were there naturally and permeated my little growing beingness.

Art and Photography in Childhood

My mother was an artist who painted with thick oils on canvas in vibrant paintings that reached and touched the outer and inner visual senses. I grew up with the smell of paints and turpentine, along with the sight of brushes, an easel set up holding a creation in progress with my mother in a smock. I was a crayon kid who colored outside the lines in coloring books and even colored people purple. I loved coloring books and was a crazed crayon coloring fool child. I always painted in watercolor with one of those metal watercolor kits that had a row of colors and a brush in a tray (dates me). I would pop open the lid and eagerly gaze at the solid colors soon to run on paper filling the water jar with mixed colors. I also enjoyed sketching and primarily sketched birds. I had a Brownie camera and had taken photos here and there but didn’t go far with that. My dad’s Polaroid was off limits. Speaking of my dad, he always had a camera in hand taking pictures of everything that moved or didn’t move; and especially during our vacations. He was also a movie buff and had a movie camera. I was raised with art and photo parents as well as books and magazines about art, along with museums, and vacations to where my parents taught me to see as an artist and photographer.


I left childhood behind as a teenager and began my life away from my parents. Caught up in life, I gave up the creativity of art, photography, writing as well as reading. I went through a long dry spell. When I was in my mid twenties as a navy wife with an infant, basically a single parent because my husband went out to sea up to nine months at a time, I got back into photography, drawing, writing, and a lot of reading. But there was life, raising my daughter, going to college as well as working to where I had little time for creative interests. Writing, though, was a large part of my life yet it was mainly technical when I was an elementary school teacher. When my life changed as I headed into my forties, I began writing again as a novelist and then on to writing in various genres exploring as I went along. Then my favorite hobby of photography became my main mode of artistic endeavor and expression. I became a serious photographer and then a digital artist. I discovered a different way of seeing and feeling through the lens and painting photographs. I returned to writing after a hiatus. It took me awhile to start waking up and begin to appreciate my own self as a writer/storyteller and photographer and artist. It was not really that I thought I was not good enough. It was because everyone else did better in my estimation. I was afraid to shine my own light and skulked in the shadows. Well, it had taken me awhile and getting long in tooth to gain a sense of my own unique self and grow up.

Growing Up and into my Soul Self

For me, art is the energy synergy and creativity in being in touch with my spirituality, in all that I am, create, do, and express. There is creative energy synergy going on with me from soul to me in that of as a photographer and artist. I have shed some old skins; yet the old is the synthesis growth weaved into the new because the old path brought me to here and spirals within to different shapes. Odd, though, about how the old is renewed in a deeper way shedding light.  I am still exploring and growing and I always shall be as this is Life. Art Life is Art of and as Life. Art is Life. Life is art.


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