Mysterious Universe -Yugen

Mysterious Universe is a representation I created from a kaleidoscope spun from a macro photograph of old, white barn wood, and then abstracted, detailed, colorized with added textures.  The word “Yūgen”…
Mysterious Universe-Yugen

in Japanese meaning is quoted as “An awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words.” In Chinese philosophy, Yūgen translates as mysterious or deep.

Mini Worlds Waterdrops in Web copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved
Is is amazing, really, how a portrayal or depiction for the Universe can be rendered from just about anything.

Abstract art and thought as the universe is in all things including human life (macro to micro). I remember one time watering a shrub and the water droplets were mini globes that hung from the branches and weaved spider webs with each mirroring the world around it. Mini worlds in the universe of it all. Wondrous and mysterious.

Fifth Dimension Earth copyright Anna-Louise. All Rights Reserved.

Art is a portrayal of the mysterious universe in its unique and creative way. I digitally created and painted an abstract, spun the image into a sphere, and then added stars to represent as a new earth in space: Fifth Dimension Earth. Many depictions via art throughout time has shown worlds, planets, earths, and universes from the imagination. Imagination, perhaps, triggered of and tapped into by the mysterious Universe reflecting All That Is.


2 thoughts on “Mysterious Universe -Yugen

  1. Thank you for introducing me to the word “yugen.” I have felt that so many times without having a word to name it. I agree with everything you say here, and love that connection between the micro and macros world, how the fractal universe mirror the one we see looking down from outer space. Also the image of Indra’s net in your droplets. It all flows together, doesn’t it? A wonderful post. Thank you.

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    • Hi Deborah! Thank you for your thoughtful and wonderful comment. When I am deep in the creative muse, I truly feel this… especially with nature… the universe in nature. Indra’s net… love that. Yes, it all flows together. 😊

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