Cheeseburger Smile

I devoured a tasty bacon cheeseburger for lunch today. All fresh made, including homemade bun, at a little bakery restaurant located in a small town. Silly me,

Bacon Cheeseburger copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

I shot a photo with my iPhone to chronicle the delicious creation. However, I had already sliced the huge cheeseburger in half and taken a bite before snapping the picture. My bad.

I live in the rural countryside in a wee town nestled in the low hills. Cows moo. Coyotes yip-yap as streetlights hum at night. There is one blinking light in the old stone buildings town.

My mother moved to a nearby town this past summer, in which is much larger, and about 15 minutes from where I live. This town has grocery stores, a lively downtown, yearly events, and restaurants where the bakery restaurant in a Victorian styled house is located. We like to eat there because the food is real, fresh, and appetizing. Friendly folks there, too. That’s what we do when little else is going on in the winter; eat.

When I was driving out of town, I noticed a sign at the gas station convenience store. “Smile. You will unnerve someone.” Well, huh and LOL!


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