Art of Living and Writing

I have pondered about my art of living and writing. I have been a writer basically all my life…

Cactus Graffiti copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

and seriously for more than a half of my life. My, how I have changed in style and genre throughout the years. I had started out writing novels. Now I write whatever comes forth but usually stay in the realms of the metaphysical and spiritual. I not only like to explore the metaphysical and spiritual realms, I like to write about my progress and the passages. The passages never end because one leads to another and another and another. Sometimes a window will close and another window will open with a new vista and fresh breeze.

I have grown and evolved in my art of living and writing that has become the bridge from the past to present synthesizing and sojourning into the future. I have accepted my own flair but I still work at not being so hard on myself as a writer and what I write. To me, what makes a good writer is one who writes from the heart and what really rings their bells, ticks their clocks, and makes the blood run hot. Then to put it out there and just believe in oneself and unique voice.

Lately, I have been waking up to the knowledge of how I live my life. There have been periods throughout my life when I was awake of my own true expression and art of living my truth and heart. But many times I have fallen asleep at the wheel and let others take control in the creation of my story. I had let them tell me how to create the art of my living. I had been searching for my voice in my creativity for a long time. It was always elusive and hiding somewhere around the bend. I discovered the reason why. I was in somebody else’s dream. I was not living my dream. When I realized this, it stopped me cold in the middle of my life pathway. I contemplated what it was that I wanted to create in the art of living my life in the unknown moments, days, months, and perhaps years I have remaining in this dimension of the earth plane. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I realized I am an artist with my own unique way of being and voice in everything I say, everything I feel, and everything I do in which is my art of living. However, this has been a slow, step-by-step progress that has had challenges. Sometimes I forget myself. Then when a fresh breeze comes along, the new vista is still there. It is never too late to shine and be and live and write as authentic self. I have put up a fresh canvas on the easel, with recovered awareness, in my truth and love, in which is within me and are the winds of my soul upon the landscapes of this lifetime. I express the creation of my art of living and writing in the awareness it is mine to create as whatever I choose.

“How do we live our life? This is our art, the art of living. With our power of creation, we express the force of life in everything we say, everything we feel, everything we do. But there are two kinds of artists: the ones who create their story without awareness, and the ones who recover awareness and create their story with truth and with love.” –don Miguel Ruiz, The Voice of Knowledge


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