Old Dutch Mill-Windmill

Old Dutch mill nearby an Autumn Kansas countryside road off in the distance somewhat shrouded in a mist…

Windmill On The Prairie 2

being burned off by the morning sun. A crow watches sitting on a fence post nearby a sunflower. Above the horizon, a colorful hot air balloon sails across the sky. Photomontage-composite of the Kansas countryside road and prairie and Dutch Mill with elements added, textures, grain, and a dash of glow.

I have been experimenting with the Old Dutch Mill photo in various ways with digital art in photomontage, composite, and scrapbooking. An Old Dutch Mill in Kansas fascinates me. With the artwork above, I cut out and moved the Old Dutch Windmill to the prairie.

The Old Dutch Mill-Windmill, 1879, was crafted by native Kansas stone and at home in the Wamego, Kansas city park. With the photo above, autumn hinted and tinted with the abundant trees with the pond in the foreground. The photograph digitally painted with applied textures and selective blur.

Old Dutch Windmill

The Old Dutch Mill is located at the Wamego, Kansas city park. A luscious treed park with a pond and red curved bridge as well an old town, prairie village consisting of an old school, general store, jail, cabin (with a life-sized stuff moose), train track and kiddie train, and museum. Festivals are held each year including the Tulip Festival come spring..

I have other ideas for this Old Dutch Mill. I plan to again photograph it in various angles during winter when the trees are bare, and move the round stone structure into a photomontage-composite for different, creative artistic expressions.


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