What is enchantment? Some definitions for enchantment is beauty, fascination, delight, heaven, and magnetism. Enchanted with a person, or place, or thing, or idea, or dream.

Prairie Enchantment copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

My fascination and delight is for life, art, writing, music, and the beauty and force of nature (this includes domestic animals and wildlife). Beauty, as the cliché goes, is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty, my estimation, is what moves one in feeling and emotion beyond self.

Windmill Dreams

I feel that art, writing, music represents this magnetism with and of life in which can be enlightening, light, and upliftment within the woes of living in the flesh. Of the heart. The heart of our true selves. Nature, then, reveals the cycles of seasons and life and death and that which what we are attached to and enchanted by, and perhaps, what we see and do not see.


Express Yourself

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