Early Morning Walk

My early morning walk consisted of the alley views instead of street views. I am funny like that. The temperature crisped…

Grain Silos copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

at 27 degrees Fahrenheit as I puffed along from one end of this old town to the other end where I live. I had left my truck at the repair shop and trekked the less than one mile stretch through the alleys homeward bound.

I gazed upward at grain silos and higher at morning skies pastel and puffy clouds as if I were traveling in dream time. I like seeing what is behind than what is front. A dog barked and appeared to have a permanent grin. I said to the yellow Labrador, “Hey, smiling pooch!”

Old House Destruction copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

I came upon the old, old house that is in deconstruction as in torn apart and torn down. The rambling house has seen its better days and once upon a time had been glorious with a wrought iron fence. A few years back, I went inside when it was empty and abandoned, and the rooms were a maze of upstairs and downstairs. Nobody did not care to buy the left behind structure to modernize and refurbish. Too much money for an ancient house in a small, Podunk, rural town. A garden center business will be built to take its place.

I had not planned to photograph anything on my walk, and so left my camera at home. Yet, a few things called out and said, “Looky!” I used my iPhone to snap shots. I processed the photos with textures as I do not normally care for normal plain photos.


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