Kansas Prairie Controlled Burn

Kansas prairie controlled burn usually is March through April. The prairie burn is for killing wild saplings and invasive plants…

Kansas Prairie Controlled Burn

to clear the land for livestock, and has been a practice since and adapted from the Native Americans. When May arrives, the fields are a brilliant sea of green that go on forever as everything flourishes and the wildlife are abundant. Prairie burn times is really a season of rejuvenation.

There are those trees, bushes, and plants (the old and young) that survive the burn, and thrive and flourish in brilliancy. The land soaks the nutrients from the burn and is the foundation upon which all grows. The creatures, all the creepy-crawlies, the four-leggeds, and the sky animals all connect harmonious uniting Mother Earth and Father Sky in the cycle of Life in which brings messages of death, birth, and renewal.

I have witnessed the ritual Kansas controlled prairie burns. A few years ago, I was involved in a day prairie burn and night prairie burn with a full moon. I walked the land within a prairie burn feeling the heat, smelling the crisped vegetation, watched almost hypnotized the dancing flames, be enclosed in a ring of fire, and walked fire. A prairie burn is a wonderment to behold and experience.

For 20+ years I have lived in Kansas, my love bloomed and deepened for the Kansas land with the windswept prairie filled and teaming with floral and fauna, the low hugging rolling hills, the forever skies and stormy weather, the four seasons each unique and tantalizing, and the wide-open spaces. I have been deep within the Kansas rustic countryside without house, person, power poles, or planes streaking overhead. I felt both infinite and tiny along with alone and connected with Universe. I felt the Great Spirit in every breath I took, every atom of the landscape and nature, and within me both a vibrating hum and stark silence.


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