Prairie Past

Many times I have walked the Kansas prairie past with whispering tales on the wind. I view…

Prairie Past copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

the vast prairie and low hugging hills across rugged landscape spanning old barbed wire fences and perhaps a windmill and the ghostly past of what was before. Many past stories are untold of the settlers who tried to tame the land and eke out a living. Tough times and rough lives lived. As time marches on, the past is abandoned and only sometime broken, decayed structures remain, though becoming less and less as nature takes over. Sometimes ghostly images appear now and then.

Prairie Past is three images—windmill on prairie; windmill and silos; and farmstead on prairie—layered together in a composite image to portray the Kansas prairie past as the old windmills, silos, and the farmsteads crumble and gradually disappear in the passage of time. Images digitally painted with rustic textures in a grunge art style.


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