Middle Of Nowhere Abandoned Stone Bridge with Magic

I was out in the middle of nowhere in Kansas when I happened upon an abandoned stone bridge. No roads leading to or from.

Kansas Clements Stone Arch Bridge

At one time there was. A dusty lane, one could walk to it surrounded by fields. A beautiful piece of history and architecture crumbling away and being taken over by nature. I had walked upon the bridge and across to the other side, through the brush, and photographed this bridge scene. The last time I was there, the bridge had really deteriorated and unsafe to walk on.

This is Clements Stone Arch Bridge and the Cottonwood River in Chase County. Built in 1888. Here is more about it and a map to where it is on Kansas Travel: Clements Stone Arch Bridge. Photograph lightly digitally painted with added textures and soft matte as fine art photography.

Magical Middle Of Nowhere Bridge

I love old stone bridges and they are disappearing. Soon there will be no more stone bridges from the late 1800s and early 1900s to see. I decided to give this bridge image some magical life. I spent a few days on this and many versions and layers and textures. I made the scene as nighttime, and added the moon, a flying white owl, a raven, and frog in the river. Magic takes place at night as there is still life (although otherworldly) at the abandoned bridge. This was fun whimsy as I truly enjoyed creating a magical scene and a storybook type of photo art.


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