Look Down

Do you look down when outside? As a habit to see what is below?
Daffodil copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

I do. My father taught me to be a ground looker and searcher. No telling what you would see or find. He was good at finding money. I, on the other hand, picked up rocks and discarded little toys. I have found money. Today while outside, I looked down. Strange as it may be, there are tiny seashells on the prairie plains ground. I saw some today and thought about doing macro shots of the ground. Really. Could someone just blog about what they see and discover by when they look down upon the ground they walk? Hmm…

Spring is nearing. Grass is greening. The daffodils are shooting forth in their clumped, rounded leaves. I shot a photo as I looked down with my iPhone. I processed the photo with texture apps. It is fun to snap shots of whatever and play with the photos in various iPhone apps. Anyway, soon there will be blooms of the daffodil flowers even though it is not spring yet. They do not care what the calendar states as nature is the clock.

Did you know the daffodil is part of the spring perennial plant, Narcissus?


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