Love Trees

I love trees. I have had a connective and strong relationship with trees my entire life. I am a tree lover and hugger.

Dawn Magnitude

I have watched this tree throughout the seasons. Early one dawn, with the magnificent colored morning sky, I shot the photo of the many branches tree.

As a girl, I was a Tomboy and climbed trees. My favorite tree, Mimosa, was in the front yard of my childhood home. I could spy on the neighborhood from my perch. As a writer, I have written about trees as stories, poetry, and personal accounts. As an artist and photographer, there are many of my renditions of trees. Trees no matter the kind or seasons… they fascinate me. Lately, I have been noticing the shapes of trees more. I am pondering this.

Old Tree and Birdhouse
Here is a little poem I’d written in response to if I were a tree:

I am a Many Branches Tree,
that reaches to the dawn sky,
greeting the Sun,
leans into the strong winds,
with my roots deep into Mother Earth,
home to birds and bird song,
watches the twinkle Stars,
glow Moon at night when she shines,
who sheds a few leaves,
gets a little creaky in the bark,
yet lives, loves, and laughs,
each day.



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