My Vision and Style

My vision and style with my photography has been changing and evolving within the process of photo and digital art.

Sunflowers Awakening

Photography in how I view and shoot images all the way to post-processing and how I desire to express in that of visual art.

Morning Yellow Peony

When I first started out as a serious photographer shooting with digital SLR camera, I only tweaked my photos a bit with exposure, sharpening, and saturation in post-processing. I started experimenting using only simple programs to enhance my photography and there were times I overdid the process with over-saturation. I look at those overdone photos and wrinkle my nose. Hey, a learning process. However, I do like and prefer rich saturation. I graduated to Lightroom and Corel Painter programs along with Topaz filters and other types of filters leading eventually to learning Adobe Photoshop. I now have an extensive array of photo programs and filters in which to tinker and experiment with my photography. My photos are just the canvas in which to bring out my vision and style.

Sunflowers Soul

I have always liked texture visible in a photo.  Texture in a variety of ways including digital painted brush strokes is a given. What I am changing and evolving with my vision and style I call creative photography art because I do not know what else to deem it. I am excited with my expression with my photography art and wonder where I will be with each forthcoming successive year as I change and evolve.

Dandelion Flower Expression

I am an artist expressing and communicating my vision and style through the mediums of creative photography and digital art.


Express Yourself

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