Tales Untold

What may be the bygone tales and secrets untold with left behind rusted, old vehicles in the fields, barns, creek sides, and wrecking yards?

Vintage Ford Tow Truck

A vintage Chevy tow truck in an equally old Kansas wrecking yard in the cold snow. In its final resting place, abandoned and rusting, the old truck would be a pickers delight.

I just love old vehicles; especially old work-horse trucks. These vintage, abandoned old trucks have character and tales untold. No telling how many miles beaten on the dusty roads, cracked highways, and byways. I do see some classic trucks such as dump trucks still working and chugging on down the road. Those growling engines were simple yet lasted. Pop open the hood and crawl inside to be able to view the parts and know them without all the electronics now days. I get excited when I see an old truck, whatever kind it is, in a field or farm or junk yard. Why do I love old trucks? I do not have a clue. They are old with history.

Abandoned Ford Truck In The Prairie

“There are some secrets which do not permit themselves to be told.” -Edgar Allan Poe


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