iPhonegraphy iPhone Art

I have been getting more involved using my iPhone for photography and art. See below my latest three iphonegraphy iphone art images. This is for my own personal creative outside the box fun.

Journey Beyond copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

Beyond Journey. River scene shot with iPhone. Used apps AlienSky, iColorama, and DistressedFX, and then transferred to Photoshop to tweak and add ship, elements and textures.

Headed Toward The Past copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

Headed Toward The Past. Old two-lane highway during sunset in the Kansas countryside. Photo taken with iPhone and processed with apps DistressedFx, Mextures, and AlienSky.

Countryside Highway copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

Countryside Highway. Countryside highway and barn in twilight rural Kansas. The air thick with smoke from controlled prairie burns. Photo taken with iPhone and processed with apps DistressedFx and Mextures.

With my iPhone photography art, I process the images with various photo apps on my iPad. Sometimes I will take it to my personal computer desktop Photoshop and edit and add more. My iPhone photography art is for my personal collection. I show my iPhonegraphy art at my Instragram: Anna Louise Creative Art. This is my aside fun and to experiment. I still photograph with my Canon camera and create photo art with these images. All are methods, styles, and creativity of visual art.


3 thoughts on “iPhonegraphy iPhone Art

  1. I like all of these (definitely need to check out alien sky!) but there is something about the middle one that is haunting- I grew up in Nebraska and the sight of that endless horizon and ribbon of road has always symbolized endless possibilities or the edge of the earth so to speak- nicely done- will check out the IG too’

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    • Hi littledogslaughed! Yes, some parts of Nebraska is just like Kansas and as you said “endless horizon and ribbon of road.” I checked your blog and just love all the dog portraits. Oh my, a feast for the eyes and heart of a dog lover. I’ll be back to your blog to comment at a later time. Are you on IG? Thank you for stopping by and the wonderful comment.

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