Chinese Tea and Mindful Still Life

The Chinese tea pot, mug of tea, and fortune cookie became a quickie still life composed shot with my iPhone. I had been enjoying lunch at a Chinese restaurant with my delightful step-sisters and dearest mother. For the past few months, I have been into mindful still life. This seems to be transferring into all areas of my life.

Chinese Tea copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

I have had a good number of changes for the past year due to issues in life, family, and challenges with my chronic illnesses fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and vasculitis. All, it seems, to shake me into another bend in my pathway. I decided to quit writing and blogging for awhile and to just let that leave be. In my photography and digital art, I turned to learning more about still life as this was a style I wanted to try and have attempted before. Still life may appear simple but it is challenging on many levels. I have certainly been through a learning curve with styling and composing still lifes. In that, I am becoming more mindful of my own self, soul whisperings, and the healing of creating art.

I am learning that creating in a tangible way, mindful of the relationship with the objects used and with me, my style and vision, in stillness is an important first step for me as an artist. Then when I have the photos shot, I begin another expression of my creativity with photo and digital art using programs such as Lightroom, Photoshop, and various photo programs along with applying textures. I just love this… the whole process. Even though I still have issues (Don’t we all in the living of life?) and challenges with my health, this brings me beyond that and joy in life and living and creating art.

Isn’t that what a tea ceremony and mindful still life represents? Peace, joy, stillness, being? Art of living? Living art?

I am ready to start writing, blogging, and sharing my visual art again. This, another level, in expressing as an artist and creatively.


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