Strong Coffee

I love strong coffee. Lots of the dark brew. Straight most of the time. My mother and I lunched at a little, rural, hometown restaurant and I spied on the wall a quaint display. I laughed reading the coffee signage quote and enjoyed seeing the apron and old kitchen ware decorations. I love old stuff as well as coffee with a kick.

Strong Coffee

My mom said she used to drink water from a ladle just like the one hanging in the display. She was born at the end of the Depression era. Anyway, I whipped out my iPhone and snapped a photo. I tend to do that while lunching at the home cooked bakery and sandwiches eatery. I had blogged about Cheeseburger Smile in the past from my eating experience there.

The coffee sign with saying I looked for on the internet to find the artist. I found it online at Hobby Lobby titled: “Coffee Does All That Tin Sign” for sale as metal decor. The artist unknown.

I took the iPhone photo into Photoshop and tweaked with some digital art techniques, grunge and layers. Way cool for a wall still life.

Life without strong coffee would be pale, indeed.


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