Perspective Shift-Creative

My perspective shifted on many levels in the ways that I am creative as to my art and photography.  When I think of shift, I see within my mind sift. Shift and sift releasing stuff.

Pom-pom Abstract copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

I did not see it coming; or better, I looked the other way as the shift unfurled within my life like shaking out and snapping clothes to hang on the clothesline to dry in fresh air and sunshine.

Laundry on Clothesline copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

I am grateful and thankful my artistic creative self has survived and continues to evolve and grow.

When I started out seriously as a photographer morphing into photography art, I was intent on selling my images and having a website. I achieved my goals. Then the shift shook and took hold. I started letting go instead of holding on. I let go of my .com websites in which I am in the process of saving from the many posts of many years to create memory books for my own pleasure.   I do not care to have .com websites anymore.

This blog almost died. I changed the URL and name yet not sure what to do with it or if I wanted to continue. In the process of changing this blog, many of the older posts were lost. I have basically started over. I decided that I will continue with this blog. I prefer to keep it simple without the hassle of keeping up a website or appearances. Here, I will share what my creative is in that of photography art, digital art, and abstract art.

You see, I am creating for the sake of creating for the joy this brings and for me. Being creative feeds my soul.

I still have a portfolio gallery in which I do have prints of my images for sale. However, this is not my goal to push for sales. If there are sales, that is a side benefit. Creativity and being creative is the utmost importance of my life. That is how I desire to live out the rest of my days.  With each new day I am graced, with gratitude I will live my time as a creative being, living and creating artistically.

Creative Being and Being Creative.


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