Yesteryear One

Eight and half years ago, I decided to go into photography seriously and full-time. I bought my first Canon digital SLR camera, went out into the Kansas countryside, and began shooting photographs and learning as a photographer. I opened a WordPress blog and shared my beginning shots.

Walking on Water Ducks copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

Before this, I was a photography hobbyist with a 35mm film Minolta camera, and then a small point and shoot camera. I photographed skies, landscapes, animals, and family. When I decided to become a semi-professional photographer, it was a time when I as writer desired to quit penning words and show and tell stories via photographs. It was a quiet time for me and I learned and saw a lot through the lens. Photography spoke for me when I could not find the words nor did I care to.

My WordPress blog, in which I shared with my husband as he was also a photography enthusiast, grew. We scoured Kansas far, wide, and deep across prairies, hills, and unmaintained countryside roads. I moved our blog to a .com website as we learned everything about photography, cameras and photo processing. I opened a gallery at SmugMug to sell our photos. For five years, we went on hundreds of photo shoots on many well-traveled miles wearing and rusting out a 4×4 truck. I will always treasure these years we had of our photography journey and journal.

Smoky Hills Wind Turbines KS copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

My hubby had a heart attack that nearly took him out of this world. Then about five months later, his father had a heart attack suddenly dying. The world change for my husband and he stopped photography to pursue other interests. I chugged along alone eventually opening my own website and galleries. I was changing rapidly with my photographer’s view and the way of processing photos. I went from pure with barely tweaking photos to heavy processing with various photo edit programs and digitally painting.

Guard Dog copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

Even though I had chronic illnesses of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome throughout the photography years, I had manage to get out and about. Being out in nature and the rough Kansas countryside fed my soul and kept me going physically. Besides photography and digital art, after going solo, I began writing again sharing my spiritual views and married my photography art and writing together at one website. I kept the old websites open that I had shared with my hubby and posted in the main to keep it going because it covered a lot of Kansas, history, and towns. I thought I was set as such.

Horse in KS Prairie and Hills copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

Well, no. My illnesses turned for the worse and I struggled physically. I was diagnosed with vasculitis 18 months ago on top of the fibro and chronic fatigue. I barely moved and couldn’t manage to get out into the countryside. When I could manage a small photo shoot out in the field, I would just shoot from the truck using the super zoom lens attached the camera. The vasculitis is an auto-immune disease that inflames and attacks the blood vessels in which has an affect on my feet, energy, and over-all well being.

As 2016 unfolded, I decided to go even deeper and farther with my photography and digital art. Studying Photoshop and digital art techniques, I practiced and experimented. My photography and art were and are my lifeline and joy. I decided to let go of all the .com websites. I will be creating photo memory books from those years of thousands of posts for my own self. I have gotten more and more into still life photography loving the so many possibilities. Presently, I am clearing out a storage/catch-all room in my house making it into a studio. With all this cleaning via home and old websites, I have been going through many memories and where I’ve been and where I desire to go creatively and as an artist.

Meanwhile, as I go along as an artist and photographer while this year progresses, I am going to post Yesteryear photos from the past and share about my photographic journey. This is something I’d like to weave within the new direction I am journeying with this blog, and see what unfolds.





2 thoughts on “Yesteryear One

  1. you are the perfect embodiment of this very quote here on your amazing site: “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” -Henri Bergson
    thank you for sharing your story.

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