In Memory of Gracie and Sunshine

Gracy and Sunshine

May 2015, a fire started on the back porch from a faulty electrical cord. Fortunately, my husband and I were downstairs when black smoke billowed into the living room. We fought the fire saving our pets (cats and dogs) and our old house. Sadly, our beloved pet birds, yellow cockatiels, Gracie and Sunshine, died. This really heart hurt me and my inner heart will always be sore in remembrance of my beloved birds.

We had gutted the porch after the fire. Repairs have been done on the outside. Due to other house repairs and Life, the porch interior had been put off. So, the rafters were open with no ceiling. And somehow the wren had found a way inside.

A wren flew right at me, as I stepped into the enclosed back porch. Startled I froze. In a brief second, the fire flashed before my eyes. Snapping back into the present, my eyes focused on the fluttering, frightened bird as it flew dizzying circles and into the windows.

Wren Song

Thankfully, my cats and dogs were asleep upstairs. After capturing the little sweet bird, I placed it on the ground outside. The wren gathered its wits and allowed me to take some photos. Then it flew off as a free bird. I considered this encounter with the House Wren to be a blessing. A sign from Spirit in that of a Spirit Wren Song letting me know all is well and it is going to be okay. Perhaps my birds in spirit said hello and that they are just fine. I am grateful.

Black Squirrel copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

This spring 2016, we built a little wild bird sanctuary in the side yard by the house. It is fenced so our dogs cannot get in. We are still adding to the bird garden with more types of treats and pots of wildflowers with a memorial plaque for Gracie and Sunshine as we go along. Presently there are two birdbaths, two feeders on Shepherd’s hooks, suet, and corn for the squirrels… along with woodpeckers. Goldfinches, redhead finches, blue jays, sparrows, doves, woodpeckers have visited so far. A black squirrel paid a visit enjoying the corn. I shot a photo with my iPhone through the window and screen, and so not very clear. I truly enjoyed watching the squirrel get the corn and eat while sitting on the fence.

Animals, be that domestic or wildlife, that come in our lives gaining our notice do bring messages and speak along with beauty and wonder.


3 thoughts on “In Memory of Gracie and Sunshine

  1. Like you, I truly believe that animals can offer signs and I have learned to pay attention to them closely, as they often mirror something going on in my own life. The loss of Gracie and Sunshine, I know is great, but the way in which you have chosen to honor them, is a true celebration of life and nature’s abundant gifts. Thank you for sharing your story.

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    • Thank you for the lovely and kind comment. Gracie and Sunshine still sing their bird song within my heart. The birds and squirrels visiting the sanctuary truly enjoy themselves as we enjoy watching them. 🙂

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