Yesteryear Two

Anna Louise Photographer

While photographing the abandoned yellow farm house, my hubby was photographing me. The tall grass and weeds were moist from the rainfall the night before. I picked my way through the overgrown yard, and carefully scanned for such as snakes or critters that may be lurking in the lush greenery before hunkering down before the flowers growing wild. Someone, most likely the lady of house back then, had a sunny disposition with having a yellow painted house and flowers growing in the yard. I wondered what might be left inside, still there after all these years, because there are still curtains in the window. My imagination saw a wisp of a ghost there in the first floor window, peeping out between the curtains at me, a woman with a camera kneeling in the tall grass. Both of us kindred spirits touching in a moment through space and time.

Abandoned Yellow Farm House copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

This house is part of a farmstead in rural countryside Kansas. I used to traipse all over the countryside and prairie loving the abandoned places hunt. Due to my health issues, my mobility came almost to a halt.  I do not go out on rural, out of the way photo shoots any longer. I still love the abandoned and rustic as well as wide open Kansas landscapes. On occasions when I can when feeling better, I will go out for mini shoots because being out and about in nature and old buildings with tales untold is my first love. Hey, I am hanging on and going forward loving life and continually creating with my artwork. The image above is a re-edit of the yesteryear photo, Abandoned Yellow Farm House. Photograph digitally painted with added textures and matte finish as fine photography art.

Live, Laugh, and Love!


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