Peonies and Honeysuckle

Peonies and Honeysuckle copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

The peonies are in full bloom with their deep, rich, sweet scent. The heady flowers as thornless roses. The peony bushes I have in my yard are over 25 years old. I am transplanting the peonies in the side yard by the street because the city is putting in a sidewalk this summer. I’ll be losing a tree, bushes, a very old lilac bush. I hope I can save as many of the peonies as I can.

The honeysuckle has taken over a portion of the wood fence. The butterflies, wasps, and hummingbirds enjoy the honeysuckle flowers. One has to be careful when sticking a nose in for a whiff of sweetness.

Peonies in a glass vase sitting on an old, weathered chair surrounded by honeysuckle in the morning light. Photograph digitally painted with added textures and matte in an old-time style as fine still life photography art.


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