Yard Bird Sanctuary News

Georgie the Squirrel

Getting more visitors in that of wild birds and squirrels in my side yard bird sanctuary. One black-headed, ruby-throat bird I cannot identify (pictured below) and I looked through bird identification photos. There are two species of woodpeckers that enjoy the corn and this bird looks similar yet the beak is different.

Black-headed Ruby-throat Bird

The bird sanctuary is a work in progress in which I just created and opened this spring. This is in memory of our beloved pet birds, yellow cockatiels, Gracie and Sunshine, that died last year. When I shot these photos of the squirrel and bird, I used a zoom lens on my camera. However, it was tricky to get clear photos. I need more patience and practice. The brown squirrel pictured above is our resident yard squirrel named Georgie. It is a pleasure, soothing, and a wonder to watch the wild birds and visiting squirrels in the yard bird sanctuary.

Edit to add: The little black-headed ruby-throat bird was a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. I searched and found it on the Audubon Guide.

To be continued…


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