Yesteryear Three -Manhattan, KS June 11, 2008 Tornado

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The 45 photographs slideshow portrays the aftermath destruction of the tornado that struck Manhattan, Kansas June 11, 2008 at 11:00 PM. Entering west of the city, it went on a wild destruction spree through a neighborhood exploding houses and splintering trees, and then on to businesses across Seth Child’s Road destroying Little Apple Toyota Honda, flattening Waters True Value Hardware store, careened into another neighborhood, and then on to Kansas State University.

The next morning, I was able to walk around among the traffic, workers, helpers, news people, and lookers to shoot photographs in some areas. The National Guard was there to protect from looters and guard certain areas closed off. The debris and destruction was astounding and sobering. I had truly felt for those who lost their homes. I was only able to photograph the west end of Manhattan and not Kansas State University. There were no loss of lives in Manhattan.  The tornado was officially classified as an F-4 in Manhattan, Kansas and Kansas State University suffered $20 million in damage.



3 thoughts on “Yesteryear Three -Manhattan, KS June 11, 2008 Tornado

    • Yes, Tammy, it was sad to see the people and families displaced and picking through the pieces. Fortunately, there had been no loss of life from such a destructive tornado. Very sobering to witness the force of nature. Life is fragile and precious.

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      • Yeah it’s amazing no loss of life, still very traumatic, I agree. Even something like the loss of pictures, more than furniture and other stuff… well one doesn’t know that impact until it is lost.

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