Pink Tea Roses and Collectibles

“I believe that when you stop renewing and are no longer open to change and the possibilities that continually unfold, you stop being alive. Transformation doesn’t happen unless you’re willing. It’s your choice.” ~Oprah

Pink Tea Roses And Collectibles. Pink tea roses with an antique book, vintage cup, sea shells, and blue jay feather arranged in a flat lay. Photograph enhanced with textures and selective blurring as fine still life photography art.


2 thoughts on “Transformation

  1. Like this arrangement and I’m intrigued by that book — can’t quite make out the title, something about cherries possibly, but particularly enjoy the cover design, now that is beautiful!


  2. Hi jmnowak. The title of the book is “Buy Your Own Cherries” by John W. Kirton, 1864. I was intrigued by the cover, age of book, and title. Bought it at a yard sale. An old man with a cane was interested, too. Wrapped in plastic, I grabbed the book and purchased it before the old man decided he wanted it. LOL The book has several short stories and not just one story. Anyhoo, I thought it would go well in a still life. It will be featured again… hey, maybe with cherries. Thank you for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

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