Expanding My Creativity

Pretty Pink Wildflower copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

I am expanding my creativity. I used to be a straight DSLR camera shooter. Then came along the iPhone and easy to capture a moment or mood or something that catches my interest. Processing the iPhone photos with photo apps became fun. I have discovered that I really enjoy shooting with my iPhone and getting my creativity on while editing in oh so very many ways. I do transfer my iPhone photos to my iPad to edit and process. I find I am not so much of a straight-laced photographer anymore. I like that. Another way to see and create as an artist. My photo art using the iPhone and iPad is just for me. I am not out to compare or compete or even sell. I do this for fun and because my creative bone is tickled.

Orange Lily copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

The image above, Pretty Pink Wildflower, was found growing in my lilies, roses, and rock garden. This pretty little pink flower appears happy among the native limestone rocks. The large lilies garden is 12 years old. The orange, ruby, and white lilies share with two old rose bushes (24 years old) along with a 100+ year old tombstone, wagon wheel, and antique plow.

I edited and processed these photos with apps iColorama, Stackables, and Distressed Fx.


Express Yourself

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