Cacti Dreams copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

I have had my share of experiences with cacti-cactus. I grew up in Texas and live in Kansas, and so, plenty of cacti.

One time, as an 8-year old kid, I was whizzing along on my bike nearby the large ditch that snaked through the neighborhood. I hit a rock in which popped the bike and me into the air and down the ditch where I landed into a large cacti patch. Somehow forward flying through the air, I knew to protect my face and stuck out my hands. My hands were gorged with many, large cactus needles.

I jumped up, scraped from head to toe with bleeding cactus needles hands waving in the air, and ran home screaming like a banshee. I probably was a sight to see for the neighbors. Dad had to get those cactus needles out with pliers! And add insult to injury, rubbing alcohol poured on the wounds. I must have screamed my parents’ ears off. A memory I will not forget.

The cactus paddles and blossoms featured in the image above comes from a large 15 year old cacti that lives happily in the corner of my yard. One time long ago, it was just a wee two-paddle cacti. The succulent blooms beautiful yellow blossoms every year. Good cacti-cactus mojo.

Image: Cacti Dreams. Cacti paddles and blossoms with hawk feather, owl feather, stones, old key, antique bottle, and dream catcher in a flat lay. Photograph digitally painted with added textures in a soft matte as fine still life art photography.


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