Old-Time Living

Abandoned Prairie Farm House copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

I pondered old-time living before air conditioning during the suffocating heat wave this past week. The temperatures had soared to 100 degrees Fahrenheit with heat indices up to 111 combining high humidity. Even though not officially summer, it was summer hot.

How had my grandmother withstood raising a brood of children having to cook and can in a broiler hot kitchen? How had all those living in the Midwest and in the prairie farms handle the extreme heated summer days? I do remember my grandma used to sit beneath the shade trees to cool off. Yet she still had to spend hours in a baking kitchen.

Even though there are large trees surrounding around and providing shade on my old house, the air conditioners (do not have central air) strained to keep the inside cool maintaining around 77 degrees when it had been the hottest 111 degrees outside. Still, it surely was way better inside than outside. The birds panted and a squirrel splayed out in the bird bath water with its head hanging over the rim trying to cool off.

When I view and photograph these old-time, abandoned farm houses on the Kansas prairie, I think of those who had toiled in the extreme temperatures of heat and cold without modern conveniences.

Abandoned Prairie Farm House.  Abandoned farm house on the Kansas prairie. Photograph digitally painted with added textures in an old-time style as fine photography art.


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