Old Scissors and Stuff

Old Scissors and Stuff copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved
I do love old or rusty or unique scissors. Yet I only have a small collection… for now. The large scissors on the far right beneath the keys I have had for so many years, I cannot remember when or how I got them. I just know I have always had them. I thought they were lost but they were found in an old tool box. I was happy to see the big old rusty scissors again. Why scissors? I dunno…

And yes, I adored the Edward Scissorhands movie. I haven’t seen it in a long time. Wonder what I would think of the movie now, seeing it with older eyes and heart?

“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” -Edward Scissorhands

Old Scissors and Stuff. Old scissors of various kinds with stuff (old tools, locks, keys, and spoon) on old barn wood in flat lay photography. Photo creatively enhanced with added textures as fine still life photography art.


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