The Stories Within The Images


Sunset Countryside Abandoned House copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

As a photographer and artist, I do feel the stories within the images. When I am shooting photos, and then editing and creating as an artist, the tales whisper within the recesses of my mind and muse. Most of the time I do not have a set plan when I choose a photo to edit. I go with the flow allowing what may come. Sometimes a photo asks for other images to join it in expression. Sometimes light, sometimes dark in mood. Sometimes simple and soft and close to, as is captivate. Sometimes complicated or grungy or abstract or fantasy. And sometimes I do not know what to think when I near completion of a piece that I had dabbled with in layers and hours losing reality.

The old abandoned farmhouse above I had photographed and processed in several ways. First it was a side-frontal out in the sweeping prairie with wildflowers as Old-Time Living. I had edited this one primarily in Photoshop on my computer. With the image above, Sunset Countryside Abandoned House, a closeup side view, I sent the image to my iPad via Lightroom (desktop to mobile), and edited there with apps iColorama and Stackables. The house asked for a sun and birds, and so, in the app AlienSky, I obliged. Then, I transferred the image back to my desktop and added finishing touches in Photoshop.

For me, creating artwork is about the stories, the stories within the images.


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