Tigger Relaxing On Hoosier Cabinet

Tigger Relaxing On Hoosier Cabinet

My cat, Tigger, relaxing on the vintage Hoosier cabinet. I haven’t touched up the cabinet with paint and yet to find old handles to match to place where missing. Planning to stage and style some still life on it while rugged, Tigger beat me to the scene. I disturbed his peace while adding a vintage cookbook and lantern; and he gave me a bit of a persnickety look as I snapped the camera shutter. As I have photographed him before on this old cabinet, and I will use it as a still life stage, we’ll be meeting many times more as we both like the Hoosier cabinet.


4 thoughts on “Tigger Relaxing On Hoosier Cabinet

  1. Those handles — have you prised open those handleless drawers, they may be residing therein? Can I presume that the ‘look’ you’ll give it is distressed white paint? Would suit it most admirably, I think. Tigger, the tiger…

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    • The drawers without handles had nothing inside, and one is actually a pie safe. I’ll look around in antique stores or Etsy when I have a chance later on, and meanwhile, I’ll put some type of handles on the drawers. Yes, I am painting the cabinet in distressed white. Tigger is the sweetest little tiger. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

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