Little White Church On The Prairie

Little White Church On The Prairie copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

A little white church on the prairie in rural Kansas during a thunderstorm. I love old buildings whether churches, schools, barns, outbuildings, houses, or farms that have withstood the test of seasons and time. There are some that are maintained and those crumbling abandoned.


2 thoughts on “Little White Church On The Prairie

  1. The black and white works really well here-between the clouds and landscape suggest something ominous–while the bright white of the church’s clapboards stand, perhaps as a beacon?-an interesting image to look and think about-very nice Anna Louise!

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    • Hi Meg. Well, the black and white was because of chance. I was fiddling with filters because the color version, although pretty, just wasn’t popping for me. When I applied the B&W filter, I thought… whoa!… I just loved the contrast. So, I took the image in a B&W program and worked on it. I do like this image much better in B&W. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! 🙂


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