Traveling The Back Roads

Abandoned Grain Elevator and Silos copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

I love traveling the back roads and old highways. Normally there is plenty of abandoned and crumbling buildings dotting the landscape. I used to travel often far and wide trekking through the prairies and out of the way places. However, my chronic illness turned for the worse adding something else to the mix. I slowed way down basically coming to a stop most of the time for over a year. My photography and art is my soul line and expression. Lights my way and soothes me. I am fighting my way back with mind, body, and soul. I refuse to lie down and take it and succumb. Illness is a teacher; albeit a tough teacher taking one through the valleys, darkness, and facing death. There is always a light somehow along the way that embraces and picks you up as you stumble.

Life is worth living.

Abandoned Grain Elevator and Silos on an old two-lane highway as a train passes by in the rural countryside.


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