Sunflower and Art Journal

Sunflower and Art Journal copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

The sunflower came from an abandoned flower garden nearly dried to a crisp and by itself without companion sunflowers among the weeds. I do love sunflowers whether domestic or wild. I try to keep an art journal where I write my thoughts, ideas, and inspirations when I have time. Sometimes sketches. Creating any kind of a still life is a challenge for me, and where I am on a huge learning curve. Still life creating and art there of is the type of artwork I dearly hope to master in my own style and voice.

Something I had written in my art journal as a note: “I see beauty in things others, I think, wouldn’t deem so. Right now it is evening with the sun setting. What I see is the sunshine slatted from the blinds of dark and light across the wall—moving with the shadow flickers of the outside trees. This also falls across a little windmill painting on the wall. As I watch this, I go into a bit of a meditative state. So lovely… and fleeting.”


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