Artwork Style Evolving

Purple Clematis Side by Side copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

My artwork style is evolving to something I cannot truly finger what is or name. I feel this spiraling coming to a point and flowing with a fine tuning spin. Long ago as a photographer, I dabbled with my photos editing beyond the as is original. Later on I began digital painting and adding textures to my photographs. I am now returning to some of my earlier works and processing and editing them different. I know I am not quite there although I like where I am at now. With music there are different keys one can play in which gives the melody a higher or lower octave in pitch and frequency, if you will. I am just accumulating all I have learned and experienced as an artist and photographer into the octave in which I desire to express.

I do feel there is an energy to this and each person not only has their own energetic signature, an artist has their own artistic energetic signature. But an artist must meet this energy and allow it to flow even when not really knowing what it is or how it will evolve in one’s artwork. Instead of my trying to describe this evolution I am within, I’ll just keep on keeping on expressing through my artwork.

Above, the image to the left is my newest rendition and the one to the right an earlier version of Purple Clematis still life.


6 thoughts on “Artwork Style Evolving

  1. I was thrilled to see this featured on Instagram–it is a lovely still life. The clematis is absolutely beautiful-I love that rich, deep purple color. And you are right–sometimes words cannot express the process-we just let it come out and express itself-and who knows where you will be in a month’s time or year? I look forward to seeing-

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