Get Grungy and Being Creative

House In Rural Town copyright Anna Louise. All Rights Reserved

Sometimes I like to get grungy with my photos. I am still in the experimental stage of how I want to apply grunge… in which there are a variety of ways. Each to their own as a grunge artist and what that means as to get grungy.

Sometimes when I digitally paint a photo, I like it in a soft impressionistic style. Other times I like a rougher, more textured look. I really like script and will apply it when I can.

So, I am experimenting and working with grunge and script with various photo subjects. Actually, I have been learning this method since I started earlier last year the fabulous course by Sebastian Michaels, Photoshop Artistry-Fine Art Grunge Composition; and then July last year on to his outstanding course, Awake.  These courses definitely opened my eyes and inner muse, and Sebastian Michaels is a terrific, tireless teacher.

I’ve come to a place where my artwork and the creation and creativity thereof is utmost important. Being liked or approved of and pushing hard for sales dropped way down. Sure I like my artwork to be appreciated and to sell. And I do have galleries where my artwork is for sale. But I do not hinge my artistic self-worth on that. This creativity and being creative is the substance of and food for my soul. Indeed. This being creative and creating is what I will take with me when I pass from this earthly realm. Therefore, my devotion is to my artistic self and artwork.

“I decided early on to focus on my devotion to the work above all. That would be how I measured my worth. … The only piece I had any control over was my discipline. And recognizing that, it seemed like the best plan would be to work my ass off. That was the only card I had to play, so I played it hard. Mind you, hard work guarantees nothing in realms of creativity. (Nothing guarantees anything in realms of creativity.) But I cannot help but think that devotional discipline is the best approach. Do what you love to do, and do it with both seriousness and lightness. At least then you will know that you have tried and that — whatever the outcome — you have traveled a noble path.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert



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