In Autumn’s breath, the landscape is changing hue—deepening reds, yellows, and browns—with the last of wild sunflower blooms.

There is something about autumn in the shortening days, growing crisp coolness, changing colors that bring an aliveness as well as deep soul awareness. A palpable essence that stirs within quickening the soul; yet, there is not truly a way to articulate this feeling through words or images. I feel stirred deep within knowing without knowing.

Autumn's Breath

In the countryside as the wind brushed across my face, I gazed at the forever vista of wide sweeping prairie and lumbering hills as the expanse of the sky met the horizon. Immense. I felt finite within the infiniteness. Beauty. There is something much more than my finiteness in body.

There is Spirit. There is my soul. We meet in that moment upon the horizon.

There. Here.

Breathe. Breath.


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