Silently Drawn

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” -Rumi
Wild Sunflower Watercolor

I had not a clue, consciously, that I was being silently drawn to leave digital and go traditional with painting. I’ve been a photographer a very long time and digital artist for, oh, maybe around eight years. When I had set up a studio for photographing still life, I arranged my favorite old, beat-up table with paints, brushes, watercolor paper, and canvases thinking, well maybe…

I got so burned out, though, being on the computer for years and years with constant updates for websites, programs, and computer. No sooner than I thought I was caught up, more wrangling with updates. I spent more time updating and getting the computer to work with the programs than creating. I ended up shutting off the computer tired of it all and being in this mechanical bubble. I had thought of completely quitting.

Well, a compromise shone through from my Essence self. Traditionally paint. I had already started a sketch/watercolor journal. Using the studio I had created for still life photography is now easily converted to a painting studio.

I have no idea where this journey will take me but I do know where to start. Just get started and paint and paint and paint. That is what I am silently drawn to by the stronger pull of what I love.

As far as blogging, I will write/share about my artistic journey yet limiting my time when on the computer. Nothing wrong with computer and such… but hey, need to live my life and be in my life!

Above image: Scanned practice watercolor painting of a wild sunflower in bright textured, expressive style.


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