Painting Pictures

Rural Grain Elevator

I have always enjoyed painting pictures whether traditional or digital. When I started out as a serious photographer going into the professional realm, I could not leave the photos alone. I did not care for photos untouched. They needed to be touched as far as I was concerned. As I grew as a photographer, so did the programs in which to process and paint. I enjoyed the processing and painting wondering how the photo would turn out compared to straight out of the camera. Eventually, besides painting photos, I began using textures. I was always trying to get a painted look and sometimes a weathered painted look.

Now, I want to try to do this as a traditional watercolor painter. This I am practicing with as to first washes on the paper by giving it texture.  I love how the watercolors with run together as well. After I finished this Rural Grain Elevator photo with tweaks and textures, I wondered if I could replicate it as a watercolor painting. I do plan to watercolor paint a number of my photos and do some unusual views paintings.

So… interesting journey and evolution painting pictures.


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