First Photography Love

Autumn Kansas Countryside Road

My first photography love had been photographing landscapes in film many years ago. Moving to Kansas, long ago, provided me plenty of varied landscapes to photograph. Now, my first photography love is still the landscape specifically where I live in the Kansas Flint Hills as it always has been.

Kansas Autumn Lane

Odd how when I began learning watercolor painting, my love and hunger to traipse about the Kansas countryside to photograph ignited all the more. Renewed, I am out and about with my camera… changed in seeing and soul and body as I scan the landscape feeling and savoring nature in its ruggedness as the wind sweeps and whistles across the prairie. My love stronger. I did not think or feel I could do this again when struck down with yet another chronic illness severe enough to take me out of this world if so inclined. Yet I can. I will. Slower but present in this aging body loving life and my Kansas journeys.


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