Whimsical Nature

Whimsical nature is one of the attributes I love about watercolor. There is a charm and magic with how watercolor moves and flows. I am enchanted with this medium and willing to learn its ways.

Daliha Watercolor Painting

The watercolor above is a practice watercolor painting of a dahlia (fresh from my flower garden) where I painted only with my 8 da Vinci Cosmos-top Spin brush. Fun! The painting does have metallic watercolor (the shiny) that was used as a wash base.  I have an 8×8 practice watercolor journal besides my sketch-watercolor journal for daily stuff. The meaning of a dahlia flower is the symbol of a commitment and bond that last forever. I do believe that I am as an artist committed and bonded with traditional watercolor painting for the rest of my years. Indeed.

In the past when I had painted, I used oils or acrylics. I never dared ventured with watercolors. Oddly, it was when I started using Corel Painter and digitally painting some photos as watercolors that I became interested in this medium but not traditionally.

Pow Wow Dancers

Then when I began keeping a sketch and watercolor journal for daily stuff, painting traditionally with watercolors captured my heart. So much so, I am cutting down with my photography. Because watercoloring demands my utter complete attention.

Watercolor painting is a teacher.

The title for this post came from a wonderful Introduction in The Watercolorist’s Essential Notebook by Gordon MacKenzie. Along with a few quotes below:

“Watercolors are not for the faint-of-heart but for those willing to explore and experiment, knowing that they risk failure, knowing that each piece of paper will not end as a ‘masterpiece.’ Nor are they recommended for those who are unwilling to relinquish the role of ‘master’ so that they can become, instead, a ‘partner’ in the process.

If you already paint with watercolor then you probably know how important it is to remain open to its whimsical nature and the momentary opportunities that it offers along the way. Watercolor is a medium of countless options but few second chances.” ~Gordon MacKenzie


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