Deep Soul Autumn

Autumn has deepened and she is preparing for the next host, old man Winter.

Autumn Remembers

Autumn has played her unseasonable warmth and chilling coolness teasing us with her moods. We stand on tippy-toe waiting for the first snow. I love the full array of splendid colors displayed by all of nature revealing what was behind the summer green. All the hues bright and subdued in synchronicity in the last curtain call of the season.

Some trees are already bare and leafless standing in stark relief among those still clothed. We are shown what naked looks like with the rough crevices and knots in patterning swirls and grooves of bark revealed.

I love the stinging cold against bare arms and face in the early morn. This has the quality of aliveness that penetrates within to the breath. For that is where life goes to the glowing, burning embers of the core and remain during Winter’s rein.

I catch the spicy scent of the leaves rotting upon the ground returning to loam. The decay will rejuvenate mother earth’s womb for the birth of spring to come.

The sun rises in pink and purple blending in pastel blue to end the day in dark shadows, somber, sinking into the night. You only have so much time to catch the light.

October is when she razzle-dazzles in splendor captivating you in awe with her vibrant colors. Then slipping off her leaves, you can crunch walk while you breathe in her spicy scents. It is like earth giving you a gentle kiss. October autumn is when daytime is comfort warmth while the nights are starry cold. You wrap up a little, shiver in delight, and then sigh.

Autumn Artistic Pumpkins

October has swiftly breezed by and November with its deepening, freezing cold bringing winds in which to blow the colorful leaves off the trees and frosted pumpkins left in the patch comes next.

I love deep soul Autumn.


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