Stopping Blogging

I’ve been going back and forth for awhile now about stopping blogging and keeping a blog. I’ve had websites and blogs for many years through many seasons and changes. I am at the point in which I am choosing that which is utmost important in my life and time. Blogging is not satisfying for me any longer. I do not care to be on the internet and computer for extended lengths of time day in and day out. I enjoyed my internet and computer years when I was involved in a number of things online dealing with writing, expressing, and photography along with blogs and websites; yet now, that glory and interest has faded. Earlier this year, I started making changes letting things go bit by bit and getting my footing on this changed, new pathway. So, I am stopping blogging (that does sound a little funny… I will stop blogging).

I am still online sharing what I am up to in art and photography, though. I really enjoy Instagram and you can find me there: Anna Louise Creative Art.  Also, I am working on my Pinterest account, in which is new at this posting, and you can find me there as well: Anna Louise Creative Art.

This blog will remain as is… just sit. I may change my mind later on down the road. I’ll keep a static front page with a slide show updated with art and photos.

Thank you for stopping by!  All the Best and Blessings!


2 thoughts on “Stopping Blogging

  1. I hear you! I find right now I am getting far more out of Instagram-while spending less time- I am still not sure what I will do with the two blogs, but a definite change is called for in some way- good luck Anna Louise and I will see you on IG!🙋

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    • Yes, I am getting far more out of Instagram, too, like you, Meg. I’ve deleted my personal art photography and writing websites that were .com. (I’ve kept this blog as it was a free-style and free.) I have the .com websites that I had shared with my hubby… our Kansas photography journeys for about 7 years (he had a heart attack and so basically quit photography… he’s fine now). I had pulled these sites off of the internet, so to speak, earlier this year. A lot of history in photos and journeys. I am going to make a couple of simple photo books from some the posts, and that I’ll be busy with for the remainder of this year. Then at the first of next year, these sites will go as well. For me, it is better to let go than hang on and live life. So, my long winded reply! 🙂 I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. I’ll see you on IG!


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