Mercury Retrograde Computer Crash


My computer crashed this past Wednesday, 28 Dec., right after I had posted on this blog. Good ole’ Mercury in retrograde! As well, Mercury was exactly conjunct with the Sun. Cazimi. Zap! My computer is in the repair shop. Meanwhile I am using my hubby’s computer in which is newish with Windows 10. Windows 7 is on my computer. So, a learning curve going on with Windows 10 for me.

In that my computer crashed with Mercury in the heart of the Sun (Cazimi), I have pondered on the possible meaning of this as I do look at perhaps meaning for happenings. Mercury—communication and information—in the heart of the Sun. Giving this thought on many levels spiritually, astrologically, and in life.

I have been simplifying all this year. Paring down. Going where I feel guided even though it is at times unknown and new or different territory. Change in direction. This has been 2016.

What will 2017 bring?

I received a call earlier from the Geek working on my computer. Well now, it is up and running all by its old self (the computer is 6 years old… old in computer/technology years as things speedily change in this information [Mercury] age). He is trying to figure out what the problem is… ha! if he can find it with Mercury winging around… and suspects something afoot visual. I didn’t quite understand him. Anyway, even if my computer is okay and repaired, I will not replace it when it finally goes ka-put. I am going to set up on my hubby’s computer for a back up, though. Eventually, we’ll share one computer and keep it simple. We enjoy our computer times; however, we are not on the computer much anymore. And I am into watercolor painting now.

Visual…. hmmm…. There I go again with meaning.

Well, I do think I may well continue blogging. I started this blog over three years ago, actually, as just a free-write blog. This I’d like to continue to do in the heart of the Sun and with visual. Smile… 🙂

The photo above is a view of my south window filled with plants and some antiques and water can.


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