Storms with Tornadoes Already

Yesterday evening as the winds continued to gust up to 30 miles per hour, the evening sun became a deep yellow-orange in a hazy orange and pink sky. I’ve seen this kind of sky before in which brought forth tornadoes. The winds have howled for days as the harbinger of change from the warm winter to a cold front headed to and through the Midwest. A battle forthcoming to commence. The sun in a wind chime madly swinging on the front porch dislodged with a snatch by the force of the wind blowing away. A tornado watch was issued and then promptly thereafter, a tornado warning. The sirens wailed and warbled renting the unstable wild air. My hubby and I with our fur babies headed to the stone basement beneath our old 100+ year old house. All we could do was wait and listen like sitting ducks for target practice by the force of nature.

A tornado whipped and whirled along about three-five miles north of us going northeast in direction catching all those out on the highway. They called it a rain shrouded tornado. I had left the T.V. on as I was in a hurry hearing the roar of a train. Was it a fool train on the tracks nearby or a tornado? I couldn’t guess so dived for the basement. And there we sat with the sirens screaming on and on with the weather forecasting streaming live in the midst of storms shouting through the wall. Weird and scary at the same time.

I stared at the hanging light bulb wondering when the power would go out. I detest being beneath the house during a storm. My hubby said it seemed that my blood pressure was way up. Well, yeah… I was scared. We go through this tornado routine every year. Will a damaging storm hit our town, our house? And the storms with tornadoes have started already… early and in late winter. Last year, my hubby and I were caught in a storm on the highway… and I had thought I was going to have to watch us die in the horrific wind. Seriously, I think about Arizona more and more.


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